The Chicago Reader has a lovely photo essay of black fathers with their kids. We need more images like this!

Author W. D. Floyd writes:

At a Father’s Day speech in 2008, Obama claimed that there are too many Black fathers missing from too many homes and that it threatens the foundation of Black communities. But every day I see Black men engaging in acts of care. Most are not making a political statement but fulfilling their basic human instinct. Picking up and dropping children off at school, changing diapers, and smothering babies with kisses are all signs of a loving and attentive parent, and Black men are doing all these things and more.

I want both sons and daughters to see lots of images of nurturing men in the media as well as in real life! Because even if kids know that dads can be gentle and caring, it’s still important to see these images out in the world, in the movies and in the papers.

You can read the article and see all the images here: