Women Inventors Placemat by Being Bold, illustrated by Betsy Zascek

Have we mentioned the placemat is here? It’s here!

One day at breakfast, over a year ago, my daughter looked up from her Inventors of the World placemat asked sadly, “Why is there only one woman on this?”

I said “There are more than that! I have a whole book of them upstairs!” She still looked a little bit sad so I said, “Would you like to make our own placemat of all women?” and at that, she brightened and said, “Can it be laminated?” Of course!

Our plan for a homemade placemat, laminated at the parent-teacher store, grew into a plan to give every kid a chance to know about all the really cool people and contributions that we don’t hear about.

My super talent artist friend, Betsy Zacsek, offered to illustrate the placemat for us, and we were off!

Each person featured on the placemat has or will have a blog post and a podcast episode about them.

The placemat is a real thing, available in stores and online, it’s very durable, it’s thick, and printed on both sides, in color.

It makes a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or no-reason at all gift. We make missing role models visible! And now you can too, right at breakfast!

You can buy it here.