Sixth grader Ellie Skala, of Oak Park, Illinois invented a game, entered it in a contest at the Chicago Toy and Game show, in their Young Inventor Challenge.

Her idea was picked up by Pressman Games and is available for sale at Target stores this year, 2019!

She says, “The goal of the game is to conquer as many planets as possible. You have to buy rocket fuel to fly from planet to planet and buy farms to get more money. Sometimes there will be a battle over planets which could end up destroying them! Once all the planets are conquered, the player with the most planets wins.” (source)

Ellie won in the category of “Most Marketable Game,” back in 2017 and the game came out in January of 2019, which gives you and idea of how long the process can take.

Do you want to enter the Young Inventors Challenge? The deadline to register for this year is October 31, 2019, here’s the link to sign up: https://www.chitag.com/yic-media-and-past-winners