Being Bold


Stagecoach Mary, Mary Anderson, Margaret Knight, Manu Prakash, Don Arney and Marjorie Joyner.

Have you heard of them? They’re all amazing people, who accomplished important tasks, some of them saved lives, changed the world, and yet we have never heard of them.

Every February, with Black History Month, and every March, with Women’s History Month, we hear about the same 4 or 5 people over and over again. And they’re worthy people, to be sure.

But I wanted MORE. More stories about more people whose stories we SHOULD know, but don’t. That’s inspiration and representation that’s missing from our lives.

With my kids, we decided to do something about it!  We love listening to podcasts together, so we’ve created a show, the Being Bold podcast, to tell you and your family Stories of Invention, Adventure and Making the World a Better Place!

While we feature many stories about women, because their stories have been under-told throughout history, we’re including men’s stories as well, because boys need better role models too.

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We Make Missing Role Models Visible!

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Elaine Luther

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