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Kids need to see it, to be it!  But how do you as a parent help them see the good examples they need?  That’s where we come in.

With our podcast and blog, we share stories of invention, adventure, and making the world a better place! We make missing role models visible!

While we feature many stories about women, because their stories have been under-told throughout history, we’re including men’s stories as well, because boys need better role models too.

Our Origin Story

One morning at breakfast, my daughter looked up from her Inventors of the World placemat asked sadly, “Why is there only one woman on this?”

I said “There are more than that! I have a whole book of them upstairs!” She still looked a little bit sad so I said, “Would you like to make our own placemat of all women?” and at that, she brightened and said, “Can it be laminated?” Of course it could!

Our plan for a single homemade placemat, laminated at the parent-teacher store grew into a plan to give every kid a chance to know about all the really cool people and contributions that we don’t hear about enough.

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We Make Role Models Visible, to Help You Educate & Empower, with Ease!

Elaine Luther - headshot

Elaine Luther

Women Inventors Placemat from Being Bold, illustrations copyright Betsy Zacsek 2018.

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